No one wants to buy a home filled with black mold and mildew, so let’s explore how to remove mildew and mold in homes, apartments and basements.

Mold Detection

Start by finding black mold by a Visible inspection of key black mold hiding places:

  • mold under carpets
  • mildew along basement walls
  • air conditioner vents with moldy smells
  • Mold on attic rafters

At this stage take mold pictures that you can share with mold remediation specialists, or as a reference after your own DIY mold removal project.

Black Mold and Mildew Removal

Getting rid of the black mold can be accomplished with a variety of mold cleaners, and mold killers. Continue reading

Q: How can I remove bathroom ceiling mold / mildew?

I have a bathroom with mold / mildew on the ceiling. but nothing on the walls. I think I’ve tracked the issue down to using a basic ceiling white paint on the ceiling, but using a better paint on the walls which included a built in fungicide.

OK, I would like to repaint. I plan to use a paint with a fungicide on both the ceiling and walls, but realize that I need to kill the mold spores before doing anything.

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Q: Can I use MoldSTAT on furniture?

My name is Laura, I ordered MoldSTAT Plus mold killing product and I absolutely love it! But we have mold everywhere in our home in the basement there is lots of mold on wood furniture that I don’t want to get rid of. Continue reading

Q: Why does MoldSTAT plus work better than bleach?

After years of flood clean up using bleach, this past year we stopped switched to Mold STAT plus to reduce the fabric and carpet damage.
We know the Active Ingredient in bleach is chlorine and it causes colors to be ‘bleached’ (isn’t that why it is called bleach?). Why do MoldSTAT ingredients still kill mold, germs and bacteria, but not damage colors? Continue reading

MoldSTAT Plus – controls odors and kills mold

MoldSTAT Plus Product Review

4.9 out of 5 stars
I have been using cleaner today MoldSTAT mold removal products for 5 years with excellent results. I removed the stains from my roof, cleaned mold out of my basement walls, cleaned exterior mold off brick, and now I have just fogged my air ducts which had a strong unidentified oder.

In each case the MoldSTAT product provided worked well and even more importantly the mold problems did not return.

Great products, great prices, quick shipping and well packed boxes.

Donald from MarylandMay 2012

Q: Can I kill mold under the cabinets without removing them?

We have been using mold stat plus mold killer and moldstat barrier at our cabin which was hit by the flood.

Bedrooms are done and we are working in the kitchen. The wall that the
kitchen cabinets are attached is where the mold came in for sure as it is
widespread in the kitchen as we took up the laminate floors.

Is there a way to spray with the mold stat killer and barrier without removing the kitchen cabinets to get to the floor underneath. Is that possible at all? Continue reading

Mold is everywhere, but under control
The reality about mold is that molds are just part of nature. Without mold, last year’s leaves and yard waste would not be broken down. Mold spreads in nature through airborne spores, that are too small to be seen. The spores land, and when water is present, they grow and spread. Without water, mold won’t grow. But outdoors, humidity, rain, even the morning’s dew all provide mold with the water moisture needed to grow and thrive. Continue reading

Mold is News – Why mold cleaner information?

Mold has become news in the past few years.  Mold Removal has become big business for mold remediation companies.
So naturally, mold removal or mold remediation can also be a home Do It Yourself mold cleaning project.

We looked for guidance about choosing a mold cleaner, but couldn’t find any quality source of mold cleaning information ( other than a few mold cleaner products pointing fingers at each other over who was better)

The mold cleaning project gave us the idea to create Mold Cleaner Information! Continue reading